A new Minecraft experience like nothing you ever saw.


What’s your idea of survival? I believe that wahat makes a survival hard is the rarity of resources. Enter into our new Skyblock and challenge the impossible!

TOWNY – Coming Soon

Enter a world afflicted by wars and political issues, challenge unique dungeons and defeat the strongest monsters. Found your own city and fight against others in Towny!


You have been framed, now you are in prison and you have to find a way out. Choose to follow good conduct to go out or enter the circles of the underworld of the large prison of Kibelius


Our goal is to create a new universe where you can be what ever you want without any limits!

Join us and start playing new unique gamemodes full of epic unique features

A few things we’re great at

While you’ll play o our server you’ll enjoy a professional enviroment managed by a great staff who cares and listen to your opinions. Our project is willing to change the way people see minecraft server by creating something new with a great community.


Our community is something really important to us. Join our telegram channel or register to our forum to keep in touch with other players and discuss of various topics.


Good performance always are welcome right? In our platforms we work day after day to improve server performance and let you have a better game experience.


By spending time on our platform you’ll find out how we work, if something doesn’t work we’ll change it, is something is needed we’ll add it. Everyone must enjoy and we’ll try to do so